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3-phase power – fuse up to 60 amps – cable score 10

Yes there is a pressure of 20 bar

common questions

The purity of each gas or in other words the grade of each gas is defined based on the amount of impurities in that gas. Usually the gas grade is classified as 3.5, 4, 4.5 and usually the number 9 is the percentage of gas purity. For example, gas 99.5% means grade 2.5 or gas 99.9% means grade 3

It is the temperature at which the vapor pressure of a liquid is exactly equal to the pressure of the environment. At this temperature, the movement of liquid molecules is maximized.

Carbon dioxide does not have a boiling point but a sublimation point, ie it changes from a gas state to a solid and it is -78 degrees Celsius.

They use ppm to measure small amounts of air, water or liquid nitrogen pollution. That is, part per million.

When we say 2ppm, we mean 2 mg of a solute in one million mg (1 kg) of solution, or when we say the purity of this liquid nitrogen is 2ppm, we mean 2 mg of liquid oxygen per million mg ( 1 kg) of dissolved nitrogen.

1- One drop of water in fifty liters 2- Thirty-two seconds in a year 3- Four drops of ink in a network of 208 liters of water

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