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Quality control of cryogenic products

Quality control of cryogenic products

These two keywords have a special value and place in the Priestley gas industry. In working with cryogenic fluid generators, we have placed the greatest focus on controlling the quality of our products, not only in the production of products but also in the storage of Deliver them to the customer.

The life of patients needs respiratory oxygen depends on the quality and purity of oxygen produced by this factory. This means that when we are producing oxygen, with purifications and continuous oxygen testing, there are no impurities in the product and the purity of oxygen is always higher than 99.5%.

In industry, oxygen purity causes high quality of work done, for example, “in metal cutting, any impurities in oxygen cause poor quality and failure of the work provided, and even in metal smelting furnaces or petrochemical industries, oxygen purity is very important.

1- Purity test

Two types of test devices are used for purification (a) Digital analyzer, which shows the purity of oxygen or nitrogen produced on line.
(-b) Buret device, which is purified by the relevant operator using ammonia solution, starch and distilled water plus copper filings every hour.

2- Odor Test :

Oxygen is usually odorless. If it has an external odor, it can not be used for medical purposes. Therefore, the odor test is performed according to the following items. If there is an odor in the liquid oxygen, which is very unlikely, the fluid produced will drain, the storage tank and the defrost device.
Also, if the oxygen liquid is stored in the tank for a long time, it may smell external.

Equipment required for Odor test:

1- Beaker 400 ml

2- Watch Glass

3- Dry Filter Paper

4- One pair of pliers

How to do it:

1- Put a dry paper filter in the baker container.

2- Pour 200 ml of liquid oxygen in a clean baker.

3- Place the baker in a fixed place and put the glass lid on it, this is the lid to prevent the smell of the environment from entering the baker.

4. Allow the liquid to evaporate. When the liquid inside the baker has evaporated and the steam on the baker has disappeared and its temperature has become one with the ambient temperature, remove the lid and sniff the baker and sniff the paper filter with pliers, if The presence of any external odor of liquid oxygen can not be used for respiration.

The purity of liquid nitrogen produced which is controlled by the analyzer on line between 2-5 ppm and the purity of liquid oxygen which is between 5.99 to 9.99%. The vertex is recorded every hour by the operator in the relevant logshit.

Industrial gases such as oxygen, nitrogen and argon are delivered to customers in liquid form at refrigeration temperatures and stored in cryogenic tanks before being used by the customer.

The degree of pressure and size of these tanks are standardized in accordance with logistics requirements. Cryogenic double-walled insulation tanks include two concentric tanks, an inner tank made of steel and an outer cover made of carbon steel with anti-corrosion capability and environmentally friendly. The space between the inner and outer tank is emptied and filled with insulating powder (perlite). Therefore, with the mentioned explanations, the quality control of these products, the quality control of cryogenic products, is very important.


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