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تولیدکننده اکسیژن و نیتروژن مایع

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Priestley Gas Industries, with its twenty-five years of work experience in the production of oxygen and liquefied nitrogen gases, was established and put into operation in 2013. This group has taken a small step towards the self-sufficiency of our beloved country Iran by providing part of the needs of the pharmaceutical industry, food companies, casting companies, laser cutting, cable manufacturing, chemical industries and hospitals

Prestli Gas Industries is currently a producer of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen (producer of liquid nitrogen) and, relying on its technical knowledge and transport fleet, supplies the needs of various industrial and medical sectors in the northern and middle half of the country. Considering the fact that oxygen and nitrogen, both in gas form and liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen, have very wide applications in the mother country’s industries and medical industries, it has set its slogan as “timely supply” to adhere to that role. To perform well in serving public and private sector customers.

About us
Our mission

Our mission

Satisfaction of customers and stakeholders through continuous review and improvement of processes,
Continuing to train human resources and aligning the organizational structure with the goals of the factory,
Human resource management with meritocracy and learner organizational design


We want to be one of the largest manufacturers in the country by selecting customers, using up-to-date devices, continuous development and knowledge-based human resources.

Our vision